Lewis Jefferies

I'm a Creative Writing student at the University of Portsmouth, who is a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who!

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Doctor Who Season Finale! Dark Water
4 months ago
This is my first review so I apologize that it is bad. Saturday 1st November saw part 1 to the Doctor Who Series 8 Finale. Part 1 is called "Dark Water". This episode had twists and shocks involved es...
Former 'Doctor Who' Showrunner Confirms the Thirteenth Doctor Has Been Cast
4 months ago
Former Doctor Who showrunner and the man behind the show's revival, Russell T Davies, has confirmed that the Thirteenth Doctor has officially been cast by the BBC. This news comes months after the cur...
Incoming 'Doctor Who' Showrunner Is About to Completely Change the Show
4 months ago
Over the last 53 years, the Doctor has had many faces and many lives, even if he doesn't talk about all of them. Doctor Who has been a huge hit for the BBC recently, and it's expected to get even bett...
Peter Capaldi Is Officially the Darkest Doctor Since 'Doctor Who' Was Revived in 2005
4 months ago
Would you believe me if I told you that Doctor Who was originally a children's show? Well, it's true. Back when the show first began in 1963, Doctor Who was created as an educational children's televi...
Regeneration in 'Doctor Who' Is About to Get a Whole Lot Different
4 months ago
Earlier this year, current Time Lord Peter Capaldi shocked Doctor Who fans by announcing he will be retiring as the Doctor and will bow out the show this Christmas. Obviously, it didn't take long for ...
The Future of 'Class' Hangs in the Balance as Show Creator Quits
4 months ago
Screenwriter and author Patrick Ness surprised Doctor Who fans last year when the BBC announced he was writing an all new Doctor Who spin-off show titled Class. With the first season now concluded in ...