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-Hello everyone! I go by the name L7. I love to write fiction & fan-fictions. Writing it my motivation! 

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Star Wars the Clone Wars: Chapter Nine
10 months ago
~~Karri P.O.V.~~ Rex stared at Lina, walking away with the metal box in her arms. Rex clenched his fists with his helmet under his arm. "I'm going to see what's wrong with Lina." Immediately, Rex rush...
Star Wars the Clone Wars: Chapter Eight
10 months ago
~~Karri P.O.V~~ Lina. I gazed at Lina as she walked inside the command room quietly. Everyone's eyes were on Lina and quickly looked away. Lina walked slowly towards me. Her face was stern as if she w...
Star Wars the Clone Wars: Chapter Seven
10 months ago
~~Lina P.O.V~~ "Lina... Wake up," I felt a hand touch my shoulder and shook it. "Wake up. It's time to go." I groaned as I slowly opened my eyes. I saw Rex, looking at me with gentle eyes. "Ah, you're...
'Star Wars the Clone Wars': Chapter Six
a year ago
Fan-Fiction: Love Is a Strong Word
'Star Wars the Clone Wars': Chapter Five
a year ago
~~Lina P.O.V~~ After the negotiation with Jabba, the Republic was able to enter Tatooine without any trouble. Master Kenobi, Master Yoda, and Karri arrived to Jabba's Palace to negotiate more terms wi...
'Star Wars: the Clone Wars': Chapter Four
a year ago
~~Lina P.O.V~~ Anakin and I ran towards the platform that R2 had informed us of in the hologram. We stopped as Anakin pushed his comlink to contact Master Kenobi who was fighting against vulture droid...