Lindsie Polhemus

Lover of dogs, wine, and buffalo chicken. Laughing through this thing called life.

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Artificial Intelligence Research Today
2 years ago
We’ve all encountered artificial intelligence on the internet. Those AI programs are bots that are designed to mimic human behavior and make you feel more at ease with your decisions. As the programs ...
Artificial Intelligence and Politics
3 years ago
Many of us won’t be around when the time comes that artificial intelligence completely infiltrates the White House and runs our government. In the meantime, we are relying on artificial intelligence t...
Classic 1950s Sci-Fi Movies
3 years ago
Classic 1950s sci-fi movies might not have the bells and whistles of modern CGI, but what they do have is a whole lot more charm and a great deal of style! Whether you’re settling in for a late night ...
Scariest Movies Set in Space
3 years ago
Grab your blanket, a partner, and some popcorn and settle in for some horror in the silence of space. These titles range to include the absurd to the all too possible. From classics like 2001: A Space...
Classic 1940s Sci-Fi Movies
3 years ago
When people think of sci-fi movies, they rarely think of the best 1940s sci-fi movies. They usually think of franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek, the Stargate TV series, and the many original flic...
Scariest Sci-Fi Movies of the 90s
3 years ago
The US government reported that there were more alien invasions in the 1990's than any other decade. Of course, this was only in the movies. When it comes to scariest sci-fi movies of the 90s, fans en...