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I'm a full time blogger...I love writing writing is my passion. I write different types of things even have my own website called lizzysweeklyblogs. 

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'Her Name Was Honey and His Name Was Brian'
a year ago
It was one dark winter night in December. Brian had just finished college in Old Woking, and he was heading through a gap in between some old cottages that seemed to have been there since back before ...
Looking Glass Part 4: The Day They Got Separated
a year ago
It was a full moon on the night before the three got separated for good. The Native American Chief’s wife asked “tell me it's not true Dakota…say it's just a story that everybody is talking about”, as...
Looking Glass Part 3: The Night They Became Orphans
a year ago
Urgent News Mark Borthwright has been killed; looking for the suspect/creature, we know who's behind it but we are still looking for him and determining how he must have done it. Lord Phillip Mounthou...
Invisible Magic Part 5: The Words of the Native American Chief
a year ago
Tom was going through his dad's old paperwork box that no one actually read; the box had “confidential no one needs to know; unless that day has arrived, we all know what to expect and if you need clu...
Looking Glass Part 2: The Night They Became Orphans
a year ago
His hiding place had been discovered. What on earth was he going to do now? As he watched the man who had just killed Mary right before his eyes, the urge to interrupt him before he had finished was o...
Looking Glass Part 1: The Night They Became Orphans
a year ago
The randomness of snowflakes enraptured a casual observer who was watching a young mother struggling with three young infants. They seemed to be giving her the runaround, but luckily someone who the y...