M Holcombe

I am a full-time dad and writer with a focus on dystopian literature, science fiction, and horror. I am aware of the irony of having three focii, and claiming any kind of focus with kids.

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Artificial (Chapter Eleven)
7 months ago
"In world news, Former President Ava Williams has invoked the Arabian Concord." Bill Monroe glared into the camera. "No doubt she is hiding from her role in the Island debacle. Joining me today is Mar...
Artificial (Chapter Ten)
8 months ago
Polit Janes felt sluggish in the human network. The data was a vast ocean of wet cement. Each byte was indistinguishable from the next. The most useless bits coated the surface. "Have you found the co...
Artificial (Chapter Nine)
8 months ago
How long had he been out? Laal shook his head and regretted it. His throat swelled and throbbed. He screamed, but the noise that escaped was a mere imitation of his voice. "What a strange noise," an A...
Artificial (Chapter Eight)
8 months ago
“Something‘s wrong, 57.” “We’re almost there.” “It’s like when I woke up. My head…” “Keep going. We’ll figure it out when we—” Aida collapsed. 57 shook her. She turned her flashlight to her face. Her ...
Artificial (Chapter Seven)
8 months ago
Warren vomited. Submarines were far worse than airplanes, he decided. They informed him that this one was luxurious compared to the NAU subs. Let's not find out. He rinsed his face and headed to the c...
Artificial (Chapter Six)
8 months ago
Warren fired off a final message and hurried from the server room. He rushed through the halls to the Major’s office. His assistant stopped him. “He’s on a call.” “Damn. This is urgent.” The intercom ...