M Holcombe

I am a full-time dad and writer with a focus on dystopian literature, science fiction, and horror. I am aware of the irony of having three focii, and claiming any kind of focus with kids.

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Artificial (Chapter Five)
9 months ago
“You wanted to see us?” 57 said. “Yes. I need someone to do a signal run.” Tree looked up at them from her screen. “New kid needs to get her hands dirty. You’re it.” “Okay,” she said. “I expected flac...
Artificial (Chapter Four)
9 months ago
“And we’re certain this is legitimate? If we act on it—” President Williams said. “That was my first instinct, ma’am. It’s human.” Ava picked up her glass. She gazed at the liquid. She sighed. “We can...
Artificial (Chapter Three)
9 months ago
“Doctor Aiden.” “Yes, AIDA?” “I want to walk on the path.” He tilted his head and looked at her. “Please repeat your previous statement.” “I desire a walk on the path.” He turned to the screen. “This ...
Artificial (Chapter Two)
9 months ago
Her yawn startled her. Her eyes felt heavy. She felt empty. “An error. Unknown processes.” “You’re tired and hungry.” The woman dug into a bag on the seat next to her. “Here, have a protein bar. That’...
10 months ago
“Tense. Wanting learned think,” she said. “I understand,” Doctor Aiden said, “That is the desired outcome.” He turned from his screen. She was leaking at the rims of her eyes, he reached over to wipe ...