Made in DNA

American author/translator living in Japan. Haunts a variety of social media sites, loves writing, spends too much time thinking about pizza.

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'Prospective Frenemies'
a year ago
***Warning: Violence and adult content*** Prospective Frenemies Made in DNA (Amazon link) *** "Hey, Rockhead!" The voice ricocheted like a rifle shot through the twisted labyrinth of mined cavern tunn...
Screaming Metal (Part 026)
a year ago
The tavern patrons came, ate, drank, chatted, laughed, and left. Over and over; the pattern repeating, the patrons marking their time in specific increments. Moreover, they were remarkably well-behave...
Screaming Metal (Part 025)
a year ago
Suen was visibly shaken. She was clearly not happy to be here, but perhaps more than that, she seemed confused. "I don't understand," Suen said. "If we walk into this bar, or perhaps even the one afte...
Screaming Metal (Part 024)
a year ago
The wind of the early evening howled as the open-top, 4-seat aircar jetted into the oncoming night. Equipped with goggles and commsets they sped toward the village Deshel and Suen had frequented their...
Screaming Metal (Part 023)
a year ago
The morning exploded in thunder and the screeches of palm-sized, winged mammals as they took flight. A plume of vaporized garbage rocketed into the air accompanied by hurtling shards of long-buried me...
Screaming Metal (Part 022)
2 years ago
Shake Hands was a planet on the cool side, occupying an outer position of its sun's circumstellar habitable zone. While cold at times, it wasn't completely intolerable. Even overnight. Wrapped in heav...