Malachi Jones

My name is Malachi but call me Mali for short. I had a bad upbringing but somehow made it out okay. I love creative writing, to make stories that are relatable. Please to make your acquaintance and hope we can be the best of friends.

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Tales of the Yokai: A Kitsune Love Story (Pt. 2)
4 months ago
The rays of the sunrise penetrated through the curtains as it shone upon my face, illuminating enough for me to slowly open my eyes. I stretched my arms and legs while glancing over to my right only t...
Tales of the Yokai: A Kitsune Love Story Pt.1
a year ago
In the beginning, there existed two realms: the human realm and the spirit realm. In the human realm lived a man who almost formed the bridge between humans and demons. His name was John. John was a s...