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Tackling 'See You Yesterday' at the Goal Line
3 months ago
Well, Spike Lee's production of Stefon Bristol's first film feature, See You Yesterday was released the 17th of May and I still haven't seen it, which is fine. I've seen enough to be hacked off that I...
Stopping the Clock on Spike Lee's 'See You Yesterday'
3 months ago
I've said it on Twitter, and I've probably said it elsewhere, but I'm VERY busy these days—too busy to keep track of such things. I will not support any more time travel science fiction that doesn't g...
What to Get Those 2 Silicon Valley Billionaires Who'll Be Stuck Here Because the Simulated Universe Doesn't Exist?
9 months ago
"Imagine, being back in the late 70s, in the days where the home computer revolution was just starting to take off, except for one thing - Instead of Jobs and Gates starting it all in those home garages, it's you!" That's the way I imagine a sales pitch to the still, unidentified, two Silicon Valley billionaires who are allegedly funding (or want to fund) research that will break them out of what they believe to be the simulated universe that we all exist in. As I reported in my original article...
Why 'Timeless' Deserves to Get Cancelled, AGAIN
a year ago
No, this is no case of deja vu, nor the result of a closed time-like curve. Timeless fans are looking at their favorite show, potentially being canceled again, because that's what happens when you do the same thing over and over. You get the same results. Einstein even said so and added, that to expect anything different is the definition of insanity. As a result, if the show producers, writers, and their beloved Clockblockers thought anything else would be happening now, they're all nuts, which...
Stephen W. Hawking: Death of the Greatest Myth in the History of Physics
a year ago
A little over four years ago, Time magazine published, "Hawking: Is He All He's Cracked Up To Be?" Key quotes from the first few paragraphs:"But it’s the discoveries that really catapulted Hawking into the pantheon of physics greatness, right? Trapped in an increasingly useless body, he could, as Caltech physicist Kip Thorne says in the film 'move at lightning speed through the universe, seeing things nobody else could see.' He is, as most of us know, the greatest physicist since Einstein. Excep...
Making Malcolm Barrett Eat His Time Travel Physics Brags From "Only Stupid Answers"...
a year ago
(The following article is dedicated to Joseph Gerard Polchinski, who we lost - February 3rd, 2018) February 5th, this year, two days after the death of physicist Joseph Gerard Polchinski, Sam Bashor and DJ Wooldridge of the aptly named podcast, Only Stupid Answers, had on that very same show, the African American member of the NBC time travel adventure show, Timeless - Malcolm Barrett. The episode was titled, Time Travel - What Are the Best Rules? Featuring Malcolm Barrett!, from which you can d...