Matt Swayne

I'm a science and research writer with an interest in future and fringe technologies. 

Reformed journalist and marketer.

Who Wants to Win a Nobel Prize
24 days ago
If we auctioned off all of the elements in your body —the carbon, oxygen, iron, sodium, etc. —you would be worth a grand total of about one U.S. dollar. Five bucks, if you had the right bidders, appar...
Quantum AI's Digital Rainmaker?
2 months ago
If quantum AI is the Silk Road that will one day connect the power of quantum computing with solutions to some of the most important problems and biggest opportunities of the day, then evaluating grad...
Connecting the Simulation Theory and Transcension Theory
2 years ago
As scientists gather more evidence, the idea that we are living in a simulation is beginning to look less like a fringe theory among sci-fi nerds and more like a legitimate explanation for the univers...
Five Experiments That Show Your Universe Is Weird, Really Weird
2 years ago
We take our reality just like we take our tax preparers: solid and dependable, with an aversion to surprises. Experiments during the last few years, however, seem to indicate that our reality is less ...
The Experience Machine
2 years ago
So if our technology were to succeed completely, and everything were to be under our control, we should eventually say, "We need a new button." -- Alan Watts His first memory was waking up in the bedr...
Welcome to the Matrix
2 years ago
Just like a 3-dimensional Princess Leia burst out of a 2-dimensional piece of film and just like that 3-D image pops off the 2-D sticker on your credit card, evidence is growing that the universe arou...