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'The 100' Season 6 Trailer Review
3 months ago
A lot has changed since the original 100 kids fell to Earth to see if the Earth was viable a hundred years after a nuclear apocalypse. They learned to survive on their own. They fought Grounders, the ...
A Robot's Gift
a year ago
The old house creaked as the boy’s grandparents walked up the stairs to his room. Neither of them was as quiet as they thought they were. He had just moved in three days ago. They were still getting u...
a year ago
The line moved slowly. We were herded like cattle in one long, single file line. The decor was surprisingly nice for a place like this. Soft lighting ran through the whole building and on walls of war...
a year ago
I was tired. Too tired. I pressed the red button on the instrument panel and the machine’s cockpit opened. It was a strange machine that somewhat resembled a tanning bed but much, much, more useful. T...