Matthew Kresal

Matthew Kresal was born and raised in North Alabama though he never developed a Southern accent. His essays have been featured in numerous books and his first piece of fiction was published in the anthology Blood, Sweat, And Fears in 2016.

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'Doctor Who': Revisiting 'The Crimson Horror'
a year ago
For some time now, there's been some chatter among Doctor Who fans for a spin-off based on the Paternoster Gang of Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, and Strax. Nearly five years after their last on-screen a...
'Doctor Who': The Lure Of The Nomad Review
a year ago
After nearly twenty years and over 200 stories in the monthly range alone, Big Finish has proven they know how to tell a good Doctor Who story. Even so, they are still capable of dropping stories that...
Delving Into 'Saucer Country'
a year ago
For more than seventy years, the enigma of UFOs has hung over us. It has continued to intrigue and baffle, inspiring scientists and layman alike to try and answer what it all means. Writers and artist...
Review of 'The War Master: Only The Good'
a year ago
Doctor Who fans seem to have long memories, stretching back decades at times. So it shouldn't be hard to remember the episode, "Utopia," first broadcast in 2007, which featured legendary British thesp...
He Wanted to Believe
a year ago
Crashed spaceships. Alien abductions. Cattle mutilations. Bases that don't officially exist like Dulce Base in New Mexico. Thanks to countless movies and TV shows, these conspiracy theories regarding ...
'Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures' Volume 4 Review
a year ago
It's been two years now since the first of The Third Doctor Adventures arrived from Big Finish. In that time, the range has gone from strength to strength across three previous sets, recreating early ...