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Thoughtful, Complex, and Visually Arresting, 'Annihilation' Is the Kind of Sci-Fi Film People Should Support
a day ago
For almost two decades, screenwriter Alex Garland has been using genre films as a means to ask questions about humanity in dire circumstances. From the alarming, frenetic scenarios in 28 Days Later to...
More People Definitely Need to See 'First Man'
6 months ago
Like his last film La La Land, First Man almost has to be seen in the cinema to achieve the true experience of Chazelle’s work at its greatest impact possible. Although, like his other work, First Man...
Black Mirror’s "Be Right Back" Shows How Technology Disturbs Our Most Human Processes
6 months ago
Looking back at Black Mirror’s second season the three episodes (well, four if you want to include the extra anthological and probably the most cynical Christmas special ever) that we’re presented wit...
"San Junipero" Is Black Mirror’s Hallmark Episode and Is Definitely Worthy of That Title
7 months ago
Throughout the first and second seasons of Charlie Brooker’s anthology series Black Mirror what became expected of the show was for each individual episode, no matter what the setting or premise, woul...
'Her' Presents an Optimistic Look at Technology and Connection
7 months ago
It’s always surprising to find romance in a futuristic setting as the sci-fi rom-com is a seemingly niche subgenre yet they can provide much of the fantasy that makes the traditional rom-com successfu...
The Intelligence and Humanity in 'Arrival' Make It a Welcome Departure From More Action-Orientated Sci-Fi
8 months ago
Arrival is a work of cycles and loops in its playing around with time in the non-linear format director Denis Villeneuve and screenwriter Eric Heisserer employ to masquerade the film’s ultimate messag...