Matthew Wilder

Writer-director of the forthcoming adaptation of Eddie Bunker's Dog Eat Dog. His first feature won its star Bill Pullman a Special Jury Prize for Performance.

Irving Wallace Predictions of That Came True
2 years ago
Irving Wallace is a name from the past. If you are a Gen-X kid, you may have grown up in a world where every bathroom featured The Book of Lists, Wallace’s book (with kids Amy Wallace and David Wallec...
China's Environmental Cooperation
3 years ago
Ask a Westerner what most surprised them about their trip to China. If they were not staying in a five-star hotel in a major city on the dime of a major Chinese corporation, most likely you are going ...
Weird Scientology Facts
4 years ago
Leah Remini once believed in it. Tom Cruise still believes in it. The "it" would be the mysterious and sometimes devious Church of Scientology. Unless you are on the inside, the beliefs system of Scie...