Michael Grube

I am 32 years old, an Army veteran, and soon to be divorced. I have been writing since i was young and have always been told that I have a knack for it. I've tried my hand at a few novel attempts; my heart lies within poetry and journalism.

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'Pacific Rim: Uprising' (2018)
6 months ago
The illustrious mega monster scene has had better days. Gone are the rubber suits and the cheesy building explosions as they have been replaced by pure CGI overload. Asia definitely corners the market...
'The Expanse' (Novels) 1
8 months ago
I want to begin by saying that I stumbled across this series at a local bookstore that I patron. A wonderful store that sells new/used material at half the cost of a mainstream bookstore. The humorous...
'Narcopolis' (2015)
a year ago
There are not many movies that I finish and cannot stop thinking about afterward. Not the simple thought of "Hmm...that was a good movie...," but the feeling that you had no idea the ride you were abo...