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Sci-Fi's Hired Gun: An Interview with Concept Artist Col Price
2 years ago
Wrapped into the folds of Col Price’s brain is a separate universe. As a UK based concept artist, Price makes a living off of it. Col is an artist of the mercenary variety. He put in 20 years of work ...
LOSTBOY: A Dark Dystopian Cyberpunk Short
2 years ago
A frantic woman, decked out in leather, spikes, and a mohawk, races through desert mist, dodging jagged pillars of cybernetic waste. On her trail is Lostboy, a cyborg hunter who's more metal than man, and has a singular objective: catching his prey. Born of a love of cyberpunk and westerns, LOSTBOY delivers a bite-sized dose of science fiction cruelty that's going to make you hungry for more. LOSTBOY is a short film directed by Ash Thorp and Anthony Scott Burns, who have hopes of turning it into...
Vintage Technology Daydreams: Byte Magazine's Extraordinary Cover Illustrations
2 years ago
In the late-1970s, a computer’s place was almost exclusively in the corporate office. With the exception of a few hardcore hobbyists, most middle class North American consumers were intimidated by the...
This Sublime and Bizarre Buddhist Sculpture Park is Dedicated to Alan Turing
2 years ago
In Wicklow, Ireland, about 50 kilometers south of Dublin, weary travelers with hungry minds can find a one of a kind park filled with beautifully handcarved statues of Hindu gods and figures, all dedi...
Ancestor by Matt Sheean and Malachai Ward
2 years ago
Here’s a drink you can make to best enjoy Ancestor, which was released October 2016 in trade paperback by Image Comics. Take one Philip K. Dick and one Alejandro Jodorowsky (circa The Holy Mountain) a...
Some words with Zsófia Döme, Hungarian Treehugger and Illustrator
2 years ago
Zsófia Döme (http://zsofiadome.tumblr.com/) likes to get lost in the woods and draw the things she didn’t see, those things that imagination can’t help but see while surrounded by wild greenery teemin...