Mo Darasi

I like all things fiction because it shows the depth of humanity's imagination. I believe imagination is one of the factors that drive humanity forward.

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Are We Gods in Our Own Right?
9 months ago
Are we gods in our own right? A friend of mind and I have had a discussion on this weird question. And if you’re thinking “BLASPHAMY!!” then rest assured, both my friend and I believe in God. This was...
Immortal's Tale Chapter 9
a year ago
Channel 5 News“Reports say it was a single individual that was the cause of the disastrous event earlier today in Central Park. We are receiving continuous updates from our reporters on the ground; th...
Immortal's Tale Chapter 8
2 years ago
Twenty minutes later, Rebecca reached the closest gate to Central Park. She ran all the way there so she took a few moments to catch her breath. It was then that she saw Black Wing flying overhead. Re...
Immortal's Tale Chapter 7
2 years ago
Rebecca sat up on her bed. Her hair was a mess, and her shirt was slanted at the shoulder. A little over two months ago was when she was let go from the PED police academy. She was enraged at first, b...
Immortal's Tale Chapter 6
2 years ago
The group's leader was Shockwave. He is a famous tactician type hero who has led many superhero assault teams in the past. He emits high frequency sound waves that can repel physical objects among oth...
Immortal's Tale Chapter 5
2 years ago
The hero supporters and the anti-hero group were fighting mercilessly until a few moments ago. Until Black Wing appeared. Everyone was watching and listening to the conversation between Inferno and Bl...