Mo Darasi

I like all things fiction because it shows the depth of humanity's imagination. I believe imagination is one of the factors that drive humanity forward.

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Immortal's Tale Chapter 9
6 months ago
Channel 5 News“Reports say it was a single individual that was the cause of the disastrous event earlier today in Central Park. We are receiving continuous updates from our reporters on the ground; th...
Immortal's Tale Chapter 8
a year ago
Twenty minutes later, Rebecca reached the closest gate to Central Park. She ran all the way there so she took a few moments to catch her breath. It was then that she saw Black Wing flying overhead. Re...
Immortal's Tale Chapter 7
a year ago
Rebecca sat up on her bed. Her hair was a mess, and her shirt was slanted at the shoulder. A little over two months ago was when she was let go from the PED police academy. She was enraged at first, b...
Immortal's Tale Chapter 6
a year ago
The group's leader was Shockwave. He is a famous tactician type hero who has led many superhero assault teams in the past. He emits high frequency sound waves that can repel physical objects among oth...
Immortal's Tale Chapter 5
a year ago
The hero supporters and the anti-hero group were fighting mercilessly until a few moments ago. Until Black Wing appeared. Everyone was watching and listening to the conversation between Inferno and Bl...
Immortal's Tale Chapter 4
a year ago
Narration: Maximilian Johns lived his every day life like any other. He came home, he ate, he slept, and he went to the store. The works. After running into the gang on his way back, he arrived home c...