Monos D.O.A

Full name: Monos Delainy Ophion Alba

Motto: Flip the mirror.

Favourite Genres: Horror/Suspense, Psychological Thriller, and Fantasy.

Singular they/their/them. I don’t mind male pronouns. I’m sort of Genderfluid, though I don't care for labels.

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Look to Your Left
9 months ago
"Look to your left. That object now carries your soul and you must protect it at all costs." The words glowed on the otherwise blank screen. Previously—about a few minutes ago—you were a regular just-...
Light Show
9 months ago
~Be Dillon~ It was after dusk when you both approached the end of the field. You settled down a distance from the water's edge, gazing out from the thinning mist at the bay and further on, the sea. Th...