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How Are Solar Systems Made?
11 hours ago
The Solar System, well... our planet system, was created six billion years ago and slowly evolved into its present configuration of a central star and revolving planets, rocks, comets and gases.
Carbon Footprint
15 days ago
Want to save the world? You can help save the world by reducing your carbon footprint! Yours, and everyone else's life choices have a large impact on the environment and the climate. Carbon dioxide an...
Galaxies: Ours and Beyond
23 days ago
When you look up at the night sky, would you believe me if I told you that you are looking at only our Galaxy? The Milky Way Galaxy. Our Sun and all of the other stars that are visible to us are part ...
Will We Ever Reach Another Constellation?
24 days ago
Planet X, life on other planets, cryogenic sleep until we return to Earth... but overrun by apes. It all sounds so exciting, and terrifying at the same time. However, is it even realistic? Or is it al...
The Lost Art of Astronomy: A Disconnection with the Stars?
24 days ago
Before the common use of electricity, there was little that would hide our view of the night sky. It has been a part of history for many people to draw and record the positions of the stars. Many peop...
8 Different Dirty Magazines That Scruffy the Janitor Owns
a month ago
'Futurama' is the only show that I know of to get cancelled and come back for what seemed to be an endless cycle, until the last season was so quickly put together that fans were a little more ready t...