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Would Artificial Intelligence by Any Other Name Smell as Sweet?: Terms You Should Know
a year ago
There are a lot of new terms buzzing around the topic of AI. Each one may take on a specific meaning with subtle differences or describe the research or specific type of AI, but nevertheless is covere...
AI & Nanobots in Medicine
a year ago
Running through the dummies list of the different types of nanobots that are being developed sends me down a thrilling road of wonder. What types of jobs can we have these bots take over for our bodie...
Digital Data on DNA: Could It Be the Answer to Building "Perfect Humans?" Would That Make Us Cyborgs or Something Else?
a year ago
Back in 2012, Harvard scientists "broke" the DNA code that allowed them to store an immense amount of data (such as movies) on non-biological DNA. "Non-biological" is the key term in that sentence. Th...