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Would Artificial Intelligence by Any Other Name Smell as Sweet?: Terms You Should Know
9 months ago
There are a lot of new terms buzzing around the topic of AI. Each one may take on a specific meaning with subtle differences or describe the research or specific type of AI, but nevertheless is covere...
AI & Nanobots in Medicine
9 months ago
Running through the dummies list of the different types of nanobots that are being developed sends me down a thrilling road of wonder. What types of jobs can we have these bots take over for our bodie...
Digital Data on DNA: Could It Be the Answer to Building "Perfect Humans?" Would That Make Us Cyborgs or Something Else?
10 months ago
Back in 2012, Harvard scientists "broke" the DNA code that allowed them to store an immense amount of data (such as movies) on non-biological DNA. "Non-biological" is the key term in that sentence. Th...