Nicholas Anthony

Writer and nascent film-maker. I work under my Oraculum Films banner.

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a year ago
The Fates don’t play favourites. They play their own cruel game, toying with each thread of existence, ensnaring all who dare to reach out for their own destiny. A lust to exact heinous and petty trea...
Yan And The Wanderer
2 years ago
They called me Yan. A name given as nothing more than a form of distinction from the rest of us young ones. Such markers of identity were beaten out of a person from birth. It latched onto me like a t...
A Lunch Meeting With Death
2 years ago
Death was late again for lunch. Or, it had already happened for him. Skipping as he did along time like it was an elastic band stretching and contracting to his amused will. He laughed at the linear c...