Olibia Bailey-Odom

Born in a small town in Northern California, Olibia began writing short stories and poetry at the early age of 6; drawing her inspiration from the world around her. Such as the gentle sounds of the ocean or the great vastness of space above

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Facts About Nuclear Fallout
a year ago
In the event of nuclear fallout, here are some facts you may find useful.
Journey to New Emerald
a year ago
The sun beats down on me as I wander the unfamiliar terrain, surrounded on either side by enormous redwood trees; half of which are dead, the other half, mutated so that their needles glow softly in t...
And So, I Watched
a year ago
In the beginning, there was only I; wandering about the vast void, utterly alone. At the time, however, I did not understand the concept of the word “Alone.” After all, how can one be truly alone if t...