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What Are Pre-Birth Experiences?
6 months ago
Mortality has a way of raising a multitude of questions in us. What does a dying person see? Do people actually have immaterial souls? Is there life after death? Is reincarnation real? Are ghosts real...
10 Worst Sci-Fi Movies of All Time
10 months ago
Most movie genres have seen their fair share of bad movies. From poorly acted dramas to romantic comedies that really don't elicit a chuckle, every genre has some painfully bad eggs in a movie lineup....
Extremely Strange Sex Scenes in Sci-Fi Movies
10 months ago
Science fiction is all about the strange, the exotic, and the question of, "what if?" It's a genre of fiction that really allows us to explore all the different possibilities in every facet of human l...
Science Fiction Terms You Should Know and How They Originated
a year ago
If there was one thing that Orwell's 1984 got right, it's the insane effect that language has on reality. The moment that a word seems to be invented, it has an impact on humanity's overall state of b...
Best Cult Sci-Fi Anime Movies
a year ago
Anime has been one of the most powerful cartoon genres ever created, and has become synonymous with Japanese culture. Though we all know about classic anime series like Pokémon and Naruto, a lot of th...
2018 Nebula Award Nominees Are Coming to You in Audiobook Format!
a year ago
Sci-fi has very few awards that are solely dedicated to the genre, and of those awards, none are quite as esteemed as the Nebula Awards. Ever since Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America present...