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Coolest 'Star Wars' Spaceships
a year ago
There are plenty of spaceships in Star Wars — in fact, the universe is filled with them. There's X-fighters, Millennium Falcons, Star Destroyers... the list goes on and on. If there's a rank in the Em...
Most Realistic Alien Species in Sci-Fi
2 years ago
It doesn't take much to see how scientific discoveries have inspired sci-fi authors to create new worlds. Many famous science fiction authors wondered what life would be like on another planet after s...
History of Private Spaceflight Companies
2 years ago
Almost a century ago, the world began to see the emergence of the first private flight companies. Within a matter of decades, people were yearning to fly on planes from Pan Am, Delta, and Continental....
Ethics of Self-Driving Cars
2 years ago
Self-driving cars are slated to revolutionize the way that transportation happens. No longer will people have to worry about wasting time while finding parking or dealing with trying to determine whos...
Sci-Fi and Fashion
2 years ago
Science fiction has always had a certain aesthetic that people expect to see in it. It's a futuristic vibe. It's an overall fashion choice that says that you are tired of seeing the normal ways of oth...
Robosexuality: The Science Fiction That Predicted Humans Falling In Love With Robots
2 years ago
Twenty years ago, if you would have said that there would be people out there who have robotic girlfriends or digital girls, most people would have laughed. However, nobody's laughing today. The deman...