Outrun Stories

Short sci-fi stories in 500 words or less deriving from the Outrun, tech-noir and NewWave aesthetic.

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Outrun Stories #53
16 days ago
“We need to know everything, Cutty,” the interviewer leans in over the table, the sweat dripping from his immense forehead; big hairy forearms with rolled up sleeves. Something in the air is getting t...
Outrun Stories #52
a month ago
“We’re here to investigate just what the hell you did over the last few months, the shit-storm of trouble you caused for everyone and if we’re going to take your badge from you.” “Here, fucking take i...
Outrun Stories #51
a month ago
“A kind smile,” I say as I light another cigarette. “What do you mean, Cutty?” the interviewer asks, padding the sweat on his brow away with a dirty piece of cloth.
Outrun Stories #50
2 months ago
“One of you motherfuckers better get that light out of my eyes,” I say with my usual grimace.
Outrun Stories #49
2 months ago
Dear Billy – Number #1,298 You know, sometimes it’s hard knowing what’s the right thing to do, trying to make the right choice. There are all those different options open to us, all the little differe...
Outrun Stories #48
2 months ago
“Take my word for it. The moment they make it through that door, we are toast,” Connor said, leaning back against wall, sucking on a cigarette, his Uzi by his side and hair slicked back as always. “Sc...