Outrun Stories

Short sci-fi stories in 500 words or less deriving from the Outrun, tech-noir and NewWave aesthetic.

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Outrun Stories #45
3 days ago
“So, Padre,” she said, turning and looking at the dead bodies laying all around them on the desert floor, some still quivering, some still coughing up blood. “What’s next?” “Well, my young sister,” th...
Outrun Stories #44
6 days ago
Reckless, that’s what they called him along with countless other adjectives that will probably be best if I left unmentioned. Reckless was always the one that stood out though, that was the one that m...
Outrun Stories #43
14 days ago
The world’s gotta pay, the world’s gotta pay, the world’s gotta pay, just going around and around and around in my head. Look what it’s taken, everything from me, everything and everyone that I ever h...
Outrun Stories #42
19 days ago
Thousands of us gathered here tonight from right across the stream to see him in person. There’ll be millions more hooked into the feed to try and get a glimpse of him, to hear his words, even if it i...
Outrun Stories #41
20 days ago
This was the sort of place you went to die. When youth was all you had left to give, and even that had run out, there wasn’t much else that you could do other than go to a place like this and it took ...
Outrun Stories #40
24 days ago
“You promised me you’d run,” I say to him as he takes my hands in his big android palms. “Never been much for running, now have I?” he shakes his head. “Funny thing is, you believed me.” I look up and...