Outrun Stories

Short sci-fi stories in 500 words or less deriving from the Outrun, tech-noir and NewWave aesthetic.

Outrun Stories #30
11 days ago
The shower’s turned right up, hot jets of water almost tearing into my skin, washing off the last 24 hours as the flickering memories try their best to turn my gut. All it takes is one night, in the t...
Outrun Stories #29
a month ago
“Look at that starry night sky,” she says to him as she nuzzles herself into his collarbone. “Yeah, it’s quite something,” he replies, looking up, the hue of purple from the sun, just finally sneaking...
Outrun Story #28
a month ago
“And just how do you think you managed to get yourself into this mess, Jimmy?” she says to me like I’ve not been tied to this chair for the last 12 hours thinking about every move I’ve made, everythin...
Outrun Stories #27
a month ago
“What’s it been Johnny?” she asks like she hasn’t even kept count. Like it’s been five minutes, five hours or five days, she knows just how long it’s been, five long years since that night. “You act l...
Outrun Stories #26
2 months ago
Hiding in the night, that’s all I’ve got now. I didn’t ask to be turned into one of these things. Sure, fucking sure, it always seemed to me that it would be pretty cool, the reality? Very different. ...
Outrun Stories #25
2 months ago
“The easy way out?” she asks herself, cruising along the Pacific coast highway, top down, the moist night blowing through her thick hair. “Is there ever any easy way out?” She flicks her cigarette awa...