Paul Levinson

Paul Levinson's novels include The Silk Code (winner Locus Award, Best 1st Science Fiction Novel of 1999) & The Plot To Save Socrates. His nonfiction including Fake News in Real Context has been translated into 15 languages. 

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Review of 'The Orville' Season 2 Finale
a month ago
The Orville really brought it home last night with a season two finale (2.14) that built on last week's superb time travel episode (2.13). In effect, making both parts a brilliant two-part time travel...
Review of 'The Orville' 2.13
a month ago
I've said many times in my many places that time travel is my favorite genre of science fiction. The best episodes of Star Trek TOS and TNG were time travel stories—"City on the Edge of Forever" in TO...
Review of 'The Orville' 2.12
a month ago
Another powerful episode of The Orville last night—2.11—which follows the two-part "Identity" episodes (rebroadcast the past two weeks) even better than did the episode that followed the first showing...
Review of 'IO'
2 months ago
IO's a quiet gem of a movie—on Netflix—which reverses the usual pattern of humans embarking out into space, to the edges of our solar system and to neighboring star systems such as Alpha Centauri, so ...
Review of 'Mirage'
2 months ago
A sad-sweet glistening star of a time travel movie—from Spain—on Netflix. Although Mirage doesn't break any new ground in time travel, it offers an endearingly memorable story, and takes its place as ...
Review of 'The Orville' 2.11
2 months ago
A real diamond of an episode—2.11—of The Orville last night, right up there with the best time travel stories of Star Trek: TOS and TNG. Well, it's not actually time-travel, it's a time capsule that s...