Paul Scott Anderson

Paul is a freelance space writer and blogger who currently writes for AmericaSpace and Vocal. His own blog Planetaria is a chronicle of planetary exploration.

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Have Alien Microbes Been Found Hitching a Ride on the International Space Station?
2 years ago
When searching for extraterrestrial life, the focus tends to be, naturally, on worlds far away, such as Mars, Europa or distant exoplanets. But could there be evidence closer to home, even near Earth ...
Giant Space Cigar: New Observations Show Weird Interstellar Asteroid is 'like Nothing Seen Before'
2 years ago
A few weeks ago, something surprising happened when astronomers noticed an odd object moving quickly through the Solar System. Being on a large looping trajectory, it was first thought to be a previou...
Newly Discovered Earth-Sized Exoplanet May Be Best Candidate Yet For Alien Life
2 years ago
Astronomers just announced the discovery of yet another exoplanet, just one of thousands now, but this one is quite interesting and exciting for a variety of reasons. The planet, called Ross 128 b, is...
Getting Closer to Earth 2.0: Astronomers Discover 20 New Potentially Habitable Exoplanets
2 years ago
Exoplanets, planets orbiting stars other than the Sun, are being discovered by the thousands now, and there are estimated to be billions of them in our galaxy alone. So far, they have ranged from worl...
Astronomers Discover 'Monster Exoplanet' Which Shouldn't Exist — but Does
2 years ago
Exoplanets have been found in all different types and sizes, showing how much diversity there is among planets outside of our own Solar System. Now another one, a "monster exoplanet," is of interest t...
What Was the Solar System's Mysterious Interstellar Visitor Last Week?
2 years ago
Last week, something unusual was detected moving through the Solar System, a small object which didn't seem to behave like any known comets or asteroids. In fact, its behaviour suggested that it origi...