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I write about various subjects, mostly Marvel related topics but am expanding into new territories. 

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'Jurassic World' Almost Featured This Hybrid Dinosaur, But It Could Appear In The Next Installment
2 years ago
Whether you were a fan of the Indominus Rex or not, you may be interested to know that it wasn't the only hybrid dinosaur that was intended to appear in 2015's Jurassic World. More hybrids were initia...
'The Last Jedi': Will Snoke's Force Ring Lead To An Era Of New Kyber Crystal Weapons In The Star Wars Universe?
2 years ago
Warning: the following contains potential spoilers for Episode VIII: The Last Jedi One of the more interesting toys revealed during Star Wars Force Friday was a Hasbro exclusive figure of Supreme Lead...
Live-Action King Kong Series Based On 'King Of Skull Island' Books Is Currently In Development
2 years ago
After Kong: Skull Island opened the door for another generation of fans to get into King Kong, it isn't surprising to hear of yet another Kong-based project in development. According to Variety, a liv...
Artist Mashes Classic 'Jurassic Park' Scenes With Characters From '90s Sitcom 'Dinosaurs'
2 years ago
In the age we live in, fan-made renditions of popular movie scenes and characters have become quite commonplace among online communities. The latest fervor for memes has sparked more interest in artis...
Finn's Journey In 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Will Get Even More Complicated
2 years ago
Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past eight months, then you've probably heard something about Star Wars: The Last Jedi as well as the epic journey in store for Finn. As details emerge a...
Ever Wonder Why The T-Rex Couldn't Catch Claire In 'Jurassic World'? Science Just Explained Why
2 years ago
It's been over two years since Jurassic World hit theaters, and fan interest in the property is already aimed at the upcoming sequel, but certain aspects of Jurassic World are still under scrutiny by ...