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Black Holes and the True Nature of Space
a year ago
These are my greetings from one hologram to another. No really, according to science there’s a strong possibility that you and I are nothing more but encoded information spread on a flat 2-dimensional...
Are There Wormholes at the Black Holes' Core?
a year ago
What happens when you remove the singularity from a black hole? A wormhole might appear right in the center of it. Can you go through, can we travel through time? Nobody knows for sure, but in case yo...
Is The Human Mind Capable Of Manipulating Our Physical World?
a year ago
Lucien Hardy is a theoretical physicist from the Perimeter Institute in Canada. Hardy was always asking questions, gathering information, looking for paradoxical thought experiments and provoking the ...
New Paper Depicts NASA's Plan For A Lunar Station
a year ago
The race to colonize our solar system and beyond is in full swing. There’s already an agreement between China and the European Space Agency (ESA) to set up a moon station. Intended to team up with pri...
Study Shows For The First Time What Exactly Goes On In Your Brain Under Hypnosis
2 years ago
What’s really happening once you’re taken away by a swinging pocket watch has been quite a mystery. You might have heard about the growing clinical treatment made possible under hypnosis, like some di...
The Emirates Wants to Build the First City on Mars by 2117
2 years ago
If there’s a federation used to harsh climate on Earth it’s the United Arab Emirates (UAE). If there’s a region who has monetary resources in abundance, it’s also the UAE. The seven emirates have come...