r. nuñez

I am a shamanic priest who loves to write stories, poetry, and songs. Retired, but still helping people, animals, and the planet.

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The First Shaman
a year ago
of the past I The sensors on the exterior of the Proto I sent a signal into the thinking machine. The thinking machine clicked and hummed, and it shot a stream of light into the receptor of a dormant ...
The Air Apparent
a year ago
All things sometime must turn into dust, but nothing ever becomes nothingness. Preface to the Modern Era In a time of long ago, the people of the planet used jars for all sorts of things. The very fir...
Remember What Might Happen
a year ago
About the Micropolicians It is a panel of eleven. Someone is thinking. The little people are hardly more than insects. We have found them to be rather irksome at times. We start to drill a well, we be...
The Ultimate Weapon
a year ago
Professor de Las Islas drew on his pipe and scrutinized the ancient stone relic before him, now finally in the privacy and security of his own home. After a brilliant career in archaeology, he had sto...
The Argámus Decision
a year ago
The Way of the Polémixen Fifty thousand years had passed since the Polémixen had visited that particular planet, the one with the Hominoi. That was what the Polémixen had decided to call them; it was ...
The Day of the Upheaval
a year ago
I was there when it happened. The colony at the crossing of Mills Road and 12 Dwellings has had its share of flooding and predations, but I had never seen anything so catastrophic as the upheaval. I w...