Rachel A. David

Jersey Girl with horrible handwriting, liker of biking, outdoor activities, podcasts and people. I market for https://vocal.media 

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Breakout Science Fiction Books of 2016
3 years ago
One of the wonderful things about science fiction is that with every new breakout novel we don't just get a new story; we get the author's latest imagined reality rife with its own technology, history...
Best Emerging Fantasy Authors of 2016
3 years ago
What once was pure science fiction is looking more and more like science fact. While I have no intention of abandoning my space travel and AI fiction, I have a soft spot for fantasy simply for its dis...
Interview with Investigative Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell
3 years ago
Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell makes his living seeking out the ExtraOrdinary; that seemingly gratuitous capitalization perfectly encapsulating his mission to–as he puts it–“force us to reconsider the fabric of our own beliefs” and consider an atypical alternative. His approach is to undermine attempts to discredit unorthodox opinions by way of discrediting the opinion holders themselves. This investigative journalist and documentarian believes that the key to opening minds to a radical viewpoint...