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I'm an avid writer of fiction! I've had over 53 novels published and have written over 350 articles for Moviepilot.com. I can be found on the web at www.rachelcarrington.com and www.ajourneyoffives.com. #olicitylover #Arrowfanatic #Flashfan

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Not All Trekkies Are Paying: 'Star Trek: Discovery' Pilot Becomes Most Pirated Episode Within 24 Hours
a year ago
Star Trek fans are a devoted lot. They will shell out the $10-$15 to see a new movie about their beloved U.S.S. Enterprise as shown by the last few Star Trek movies. However, when they are already pay...
William Shatner Had No Idea That Leonard Nimoy Would Return To The Star Trek Franchise After 'Wrath Of Khan'
a year ago
It's been thirty-five years since Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan debuted in movie theaters, and viewers witnessed one of the most powerful on-screen deaths in sci-fi history when half-Vulcan Spock sacri...
'Sense8' Just Got Uncanceled — At Least For Two More Hours
a year ago
After the abrupt cancellation of Sense8 on a cliffhanger in May, fans took to social media to demand a renewal. They gained more than 500,000 signatures on a petition, seemingly all to no avail. Netfl...
'Star Trek: Discovery' Will Klingon To Ex-Showrunner Bryan Fuller's Ideas Even Though He Beamed Up For A New Enterprise
a year ago
When Bryan Fuller, the creative mind behind Pushing Daisies, Hannibal and American Gods, stepped down as the showrunner for Star Trek Discovery in October 2016, there were concerns about whether the s...
'Tremors 6' Is In Production—Here's What We Know So Far
a year ago
Remember that nostalgic horror movie from 1990 with the wormy creatures that traveled under the sand and threatened the life and limb of everyone in their paths? Well, if you've been following the #Tr...
'Star Trek'—Celebrating 50 Years of Logical Friendship
a year ago
When I saw the original Star Trek for the first time, it had already been off the air for several years. Though much time had passed, the show captured my attention like it must have the original Trek...