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Part II: Star Trek Endings Make All the Difference
12 days ago
Here’s part two of Star Trek endings. The signature endings of TOS will help make this cultural phenomena endure to the 23rd century and beyond.
Part II : Best Second Tier Episodes of Star Trek
23 days ago
After "Tribbles," "Khan," and "Mirror, Mirror," here's Part 2 of the second tier episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series.
Best Second Tier 'Star Trek' Episodes from The Original Series
a month ago
Yeah, we know. "Space Seed", "City on the Edge of Forever" and "The Trouble" are among the classic Star Trek episodes that get all the accolades. And well they should, but how about a look at some of ...
Star Trek: The Denouement Makes All the Difference
a month ago
For as much as science fiction anchors Star Trek, its signature endings have also played a part in making The Original Series endure. They can even make a bad episode worth watching. These are five en...
Recurring Characters Give Star Trek: The Next Generation A Leg Up
2 months ago
One of the many area in which Star Trek: The Next Generation was superior to the Original Series was the introduction of recurring characters. They provided a welcome change up from the typical infall...
Top Five Sexist Moments in the Original 'Star Trek'
2 months ago
Star Trek was groundbreaking on unprecedented levels. Of course, it couldn’t rise above the flaws of the time in every instance, and despite the egalitarian outlook, Roddenberry envisioned, sometimes ...