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More Star Trek Sexism and Not so Much
2 months ago
In response to the Five Most Sexist moments in Star Trek, the absence of Turnabout Intruder has been a mystery among readers. I think I left it off because the last episode of TOS is so blatantly obvi...
Season One of 'Star Trek Discovery' Lacks a Bit on the Sci-Fi, but Has Laid a Strong Foundation
3 months ago
I watched Star Trek Discovery in the only manner in which the 23rd century is meant to be viewed—on a TV set. So I just got the DVD from the library, I'm all caught up, and I’ll send payment to CBS at...
Part I : Kirk versus Spock - The Captain of the Enterprise Always Wins the Episode
5 months ago
One of the things that has made Star Trek endure is the duking it out that takes place between Kirk and Spock at the end. The successful formula always had the two giants trying to gain the upper hand...
Part III: Second Tier TOS Episodes of 'Star Trek'
6 months ago
Here’s my third installment of second tier episodes of the TOS that are not "Mirror, Mirror," "Space Seed" and "City on the Edge of Forever"
Part III: Best Second Tier Episodes of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'
6 months ago
Do you remember when we thought Klingons were completely soulless warmongers who loved to kill and oppress. Many of us even had reservations about allowing one to serve as an officer on the Enterprise...
Part II: Best Second Tier Episodes of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'
7 months ago
As in the original series, The Next Generation has a tier below "Tapestry," "All Good Things," "Yesterday’s Enterprise," and "The Inner Light." Here are installments three and four.