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'Gattaca' Has a Problem With Genetic Engineering, but Why?
9 days ago
You ever notice that people who completely dismiss the idea of genetic engineering always have a luscious head of hair? So what would be so wrong if I still had my perfect Beatles hair to shake about?...
The Best of Captain Kirk Putting the Moves On
10 days ago
Who doesn’t love it when Captain Kirk puts the movies on the ladies? But what we may not realize is his confidence actually comes from the love of one woman. She’s known as the USS Enterprise, and her...
Leave a Tender Mr. Worf Moment Alone
14 days ago
Lt. Worf knows how to leave a tender moment alone as well as the next guy. It's just a little hard to spot sometimes. But that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Here’s a series of moments that make...
At Northern Westchester Hospital, the Future Is Now for the Gamma Knife
2 months ago
Imagine if there was a better way to address an inoperable brain tumor than dousing the entire organ with multiple radiation treatments. What if doctors could concentrate an array of radiation beams t...
'Starship Troopers': The Book and Movie Complement Each Other Perfectly
3 months ago
Some gage the Paul Verhoeven adaptation of Starship Troopers as a brilliantly couched anti-war, anti-fascist statement, while others see no need to elevate this mindless 1997 B-movie slaughter. I’m wi...
If Only This Was the Last Jedi
3 months ago
Hello everyone, I’m back, and it appears I’ll be shoveling over money to see Star Wars until I die. There you go for the definition of insanity. But believe it or not, seeing Star Wars is a crisis of ...