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'Battlestar Galactica' Didn’t Need to Hit You Over the Head to Get its Point Across
3 months ago
I recently saw BlacKkKlansman by Spike Lee, and of course after completing the 2 hour and 15 minute movie, I thought of Battlestar Galactica….What, wait a minute? Let me explain. Both of these works h...
'Star Trek: Generations' Gave Us the Captain's Showdown that We Were All Waiting For
4 months ago
Star Trek Generations probably belongs below middle ground among the franchise’s movies. Chatter on Facebook groups seem to agree, but I’m shocked when some level total disdain on The Next Generation'...
Han May Have Gone Solo in This 'Star Wars' Story but I Wasn’t
5 months ago
I said I wasn’t going to give out any more money to this bankrupt Star Wars franchise. But, I had hope for this Star Wars story, and when my friend suggested Solo to escape the obtrusive July 4th heat...
Despite Critics and the Price Tag, 'Waterworld' Has My Approval
7 months ago
What’s so wrong with Waterworld. Kevin Costner and Dennis Hopper battling it out to gain a foot hold in this post environmental apocalypse at sea. Yeah, I like the 1995 action adventure with an enviro...
'Star Trek V' Is Pretty Hard to Defend, But I’m Going to Try Anyway
7 months ago
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is pretty hard to defend. This especially after we thought once the credits and the theremin faded, the thrill ride would pick right right up where The Voyage Home left...
'Gattaca' Has a Problem With Genetic Engineering, but Why?
9 months ago
You ever notice that people who completely dismiss the idea of genetic engineering always have a luscious head of hair? So what would be so wrong if I still had my perfect Beatles hair to shake about?...