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'Starship Troopers': The Book and Movie Complement Each Other Perfectly
a year ago
Some gage the Paul Verhoeven adaptation of Starship Troopers as a brilliantly couched anti-war, anti-fascist statement, while others see no need to elevate this mindless 1997 B-movie slaughter. I’m wi...
If Only This Was the Last Jedi
a year ago
Hello everyone, I’m back, and it appears I’ll be shoveling over money to see Star Wars until I die. There you go for the definition of insanity. But believe it or not, seeing Star Wars is a crisis of ...
Top Five Star Trek Movie Denouements
a year ago
One of the enduring components of Star Trek are denouements that either bring the science fiction back down to earth or make you feel that much closer to the stars. They can even rescue a bad episode ...
The Message in 'Children of Men' is Buried too Deep to Be Found
a year ago
Children of Men never fails to receive huge accolades as one of the best science fiction movies ever made, and when those same writers explain it to me, I am persuaded. But that’s not how it works. Th...
Spock Is so Human
a year ago
“Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most human.” What a line from Star Trek II, but do we really believe Kirk in his eulogy. I would say we appreciate the sentiment. Howeve...
Part II: Star Trek Endings Make All the Difference
2 years ago
Here’s part two of Star Trek endings. The signature endings of TOS will help make this cultural phenomena endure to the 23rd century and beyond.