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Recurring Characters Give Star Trek: The Next Generation A Leg Up
a year ago
One of the many area in which Star Trek: The Next Generation was superior to the Original Series was the introduction of recurring characters. They provided a welcome change up from the typical infall...
Top Five Sexist Moments in the Original 'Star Trek'
a year ago
Star Trek was groundbreaking on unprecedented levels. Of course, it couldn’t rise above the flaws of the time in every instance, and despite the egalitarian outlook, Roddenberry envisioned, sometimes ...
Jodorowsky’s Dune: What Might Have Been
a year ago
Frank Herbert’s Dune is largely considered the Holy Grail of science fiction novels. Serving as a cross section study of politics, religion, ecology, technology, and human emotion, it has not lost its...
Best Horror Movies Based on Real Life and True Crime Stories
2 years ago
In actuality, this might be better titled, best true crime horror movies that I can actually stomach. Not that the ones dissected aren’t deserving and universally acknowledged. But the horror movies l...
George Clooney Brings Us and Science Fiction Down to Earth in 'Gravity'
2 years ago
The relatively factual science fiction movie Gravity opens by setting us at ease in the care of Hollywood’s most reassuring leading man. Light on his feet as ever in the 2013 film written and directed...
The Science Fiction of Rollerball Is Nothing Compared to the Facts of Real Life Control
2 years ago
If you’ve never seen Rollerball, stop what you’re doing and dial up the DVD for this 1975 Science Fiction Movie classic. Set in the year 2024, this dystopia puts Bread and Circuses on a violent whirlw...