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Global Energy Independence Doesn’t Change the World in Moon
a year ago
Moon with Sam Rockwell shows us a world where universal energy independence has been achieved by the implementation of cold fusion on a global scale. That should pretty much do it - no more war, hunge...
The Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise Doesn’t Exactly Throw you for a Loop
a year ago
Earth has been invaded yet again by Science Fiction aliens, and lucky for the species, Tom Cruise has got it covered in The Edge of Tomorrow. But taking his turn makes for more than a double take, and...
Predestination will Throw and Twist you Through Time and Space
a year ago
The mother of all paradox examples is the universe. How did it begin, what happened before it began and before that. Throw in God and you understand that the humans understood the concept of a cyclica...
'Pandorum' Will Leave You Guessing Until the End in 2009 Science Fiction Thriller
a year ago
So Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead is not indestructible in the face of zombies or the zombie-like. This Daryl lasts fewer than two minutes in this 2009 science fiction movie and lunch meat for even...
Starship Troopers Requires More than One Viewing to Get a True Understanding
a year ago
My first viewing of Starship Troopers definitely had me confused and led me in search of this deceptively dystopian movie. Throwing a bunch of stuff in your face like Denise Richards at her hottest an...
The Lathe of Heaven Proves Idealists Can Be the Most Dangerous Among Us
a year ago
I read Poland by James Michener a number of years ago and came to a startling conclusion after reading the chapters on the Nazi Occupation during World War II. I certainly know of the Holocaust and th...