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Richard Hatch Turned One Season of 'Battlestar Galactica' into a Lifetime
a year ago
In 1978, Battlestar Galactica ran one season and 26 episodes. While quickly fading into oblivion off all the publicity it received as a Star Wars rip off, core fans never forgot it, and the show’s sta...
Star Trek Was Dead In the Water Until JJ Abrams Saved the Franchise
a year ago
This the third article I’ve written in defense of JJ Abrams Star Trek, it’s really becoming quite a quest with me. I can’t seem to help it. I just hope Star Trek 4 is better than the last one. So let’...
Trio Triangulates Deep Space 9 Episodes with the Rules of Acquisition Podcast
a year ago
The Greatest Generation seems to have the decided drop on all the Star Trek podcasts out there. Wade Bowen concedes that and freely accepts operating among the many on the internet undercard with his ...
Star Trek Beyond Gets a Very Late Start
a year ago
At 5:55 pm on Saturday afternoon, Chris Pine did another of his mid-air, hands on transporter rescues and delivers Star Trek the way JJ Abrams has envisioned. The moment also showered pride on Gene Ro...
The Uncut Godzilla 1954 Japanese Version is an "A Movie" with Bite
a year ago
On Facebook, there are a number of groups dedicated to the love of Godzilla. So when I posted my article claiming how much I like Godzilla 1998 with Matthew Broderick, you can only imagine the pushbac...
Global Energy Independence Doesn’t Change the World in Moon
a year ago
Moon with Sam Rockwell shows us a world where universal energy independence has been achieved by the implementation of cold fusion on a global scale. That should pretty much do it - no more war, hunge...