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Mad Max Racks Up the Mileage but Isn’t Much of a Journey to the End of the World
a year ago
Mad Max returned in 2015 and got itself an Oscars 2015 Nomination for Best Picture. The film’s sheer presentation for Hollywood’s latest dystopian future definitely deserves its due. But once past the...
Star Wars Rogue One Delivers Original Story But Disconnected Characters Keeps You From Caring
a year ago
For the first time in the five Star Wars prequels and sequels that followed the original Trilogy, the franchise has not completely embarrassed itself. Unfortunately, Star Wars Rogue One still falls a ...
“Tapestry” Provides a 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Lesson on Misperceived Failures
a year ago
I have a friend who is well placed in the corporate world and pulls down more money than any of my classmates from Plattsburgh. But as he runs in his circles among the well born and highly situated, h...
'The World’s End' is Not the End of the World for Simon Pegg
a year ago
The first years after college, getting the boys back together for homecoming was almost as seamless as lining up the next keg. But as the years progressed, bringing the past full circle fell victim to...
JJ Abrams' Star Trek Movies are Being Held to a Higher Science Fiction Standard
2 years ago
A lot of Trekkies don’t like JJ Abrams and his rendition of Star Trek. But I hope to show that detractors don’t hold the previous films to the same standard, and I’m going to favorably compare The Wra...
'Arrival' Gives Plenty to Ponder, but Possibly Misguides on Alien Purpose
2 years ago
A writer, I am poor. This means I get my Science Fiction Movies free from the library, and Arrival is only a three day loan. No time to watch it twice, this movie requires another viewing, and a two d...