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'Arrival' Gives Plenty to Ponder, but Possibly Misguides on Alien Purpose
a year ago
A writer, I am poor. This means I get my Science Fiction Movies free from the library, and Arrival is only a three day loan. No time to watch it twice, this movie requires another viewing, and a two d...
'Star Wars The Force Awakens' Put Me to Sleep
a year ago
When I went to see Star Wars 7 last year, the reviews and commentary on Facebook overwhelmingly positive. Nonetheless, I still entered with a significant degree of restraint given the catastrophe of t...
'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' is British Humor at its Driest
a year ago
I had long seen The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in bookstores, but it seemed too long to read and the title too eclectic to classify as comedy or science fiction. 109 minutes of DVD I could handl...
Star Trek’s Mr. Data May Never Feel But His Artificial Intelligence Definitely Makes Us Think
a year ago
Robby the Robot from 1956’s Forbidden Planet may have been the first artificial intelligence movie robot to have his say. But the evolution of thinking androids in science fiction movies have come a l...
A Clockwork Orange Can Teach Us Something About Partisan Politics In America
a year ago
My first viewing of A Clockwork Orange 30 years ago left me lost on the message. A hardened criminal receives the opportunity for a quick, psychologically based reform, but the dehumanizing treatment ...
Star Trek: The Motion Picture Searches for the Original Series and Finds It
a year ago
I was so into Star Trek as a kid – and the tragedy of lasting only 79 episodes – that I used to dream my own original episodes in REM sleep. Always awakened to the disappointment that the nocturnal ad...