Richard J. Bartlett

A former monthly columnist for Astronomy magazine, Richard J. Bartlett has had a passion for the stars since the age of six. Now living in the suburbs of Los Angeles, he still stops to stare at the stars through the city's light-pollution.

Three Potential New Earths Found in a Planetary System of Seven
2 years ago
Astronomers have discovered what is undoubtedly one of the most exciting exoplanet systems of recent years; seven Earth-sized worlds orbiting a red dwarf star only 40 light years away. What makes this...
The Top Ten Night Sky Sights for March, 2017
2 years ago
We've all stopped and stared at the night sky from time to time but few of us are aware of what we're looking at. Many of us are surprised to learn that our nearest neighbors, the planets, are just as...