Richard Jones

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The Misplaced Book 2: Finale
4 months ago
CHAPTER 18 : THE MISPLACED Panga was having difficulty comprehending what spread out before her in the valley below. She and Evan had reached Darnaxes’ army just after sundown. The number of campfires...
The Misplaced Book 2: Segment 2
4 months ago
CHAPTER 12: PANGA Just as Panga was getting accustomed to not having her head crowded with emotions, now she was getting used to having the Pegasus’ voice in her head. Snow Wing was engaging her in an...
The Misplaced: Book 2
7 months ago
CHAPTER 1: ERIC “Death to the Greeks,” the soldier cried out as he threw his spear at Eric. He was dressed in light bronze armor with a helmet that covered from his head down to each cheek leaving his...
The Misplaced: Finale
8 months ago
CHAPTER 23: EVAN It was another three days before they reached the lands under the rule of Lord Defoe, the last of the Dark Lords. As they approached his castle, they were met by a small army of his a...
The Misplaced: Segment 3
8 months ago
CHAPTER 17: PANGA The dagger was a welcome addition to Panga’s wardrobe. She wasn’t as vocal about it, but she didn’t like being sent to safety any more than Jadin did. She often thought that her abil...
The Misplaced: Segment 2
9 months ago
CHAPTER 10: ALECTRA Not for the first time, Alectra was grateful for the horses. Without them, she was certain they couldn’t have put enough distance between themselves and the dragon. In addition, no...