Richard Van Steenberg

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Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU)

Trying to raise the societal awareness level that Hetlau have been present the whole time man has been on Earth in my Two Way Mirror Theory.

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Is Project Blue Book Extra Terrestrial Subliminal Dissemination?
5 days ago
Project Blue Book possibly has to be one of the greatest instances of subliminal dissemination performed on the EA to date. This is a tough pill for Ufologists to swallow. The realization that all the...
Do Extra Terrestrials Polymorph Themselves on Earth?
5 days ago
The title of the article should really read "Extra Terrestrial Morphing and Polymorphing." The possibility of being able to take yourself out of one body and place yourself in another body is a concep...
Why It's Extra Terrestrial Not Extraterrestrial
15 days ago
As you study the ET and UFO phenomenon you will come across the term Extra Terrestrial. The most common way the word is written is Extraterrestrial. Unfortunately, the term "Extraterrestrial" when it ...
Was Marilyn Monroe Extra Terrestrial?
24 days ago
Marilyn Monroe was found dead on August 5, 1962, at her home in Los Angeles of a barbiturate overdose. She was a major sex symbol and one of the most popular Hollywood stars during the 1950s and early...
Was Kennedy's Assassination Extra Terrestrial Misdirection?
25 days ago
When looking at EvenTs for the possibility of misdirection, focusing on the most recognized ones usually make it a lot easier to find the hidden clues that reveal repeating patterns that provide a pre...
Does 'Event' Mean 'Evolve the Mind' in Extra Terrestrial?
a month ago
On one side of the spectrum, you have the school of thought that says life is random and there is no connection between events. On the other side of the spectrum, you have the school of thought that s...