RJ Plant

RJ Plant is a Birmingham, AL, native currently terrorizing Williamsburg, VA. She writes sci-fi and fantasy with thriller elements and has a fantastic library, as well as a strange love for science. Want more? Visit rachaelplant.com. 

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New Human
2 years ago
Genetic manipulation is always an interesting topic. From synthesizing chromosomes and basic organisms to creating chimera and plain not-so-old fashioned gene therapy, biomolecular science has made si...
Digitize Yourself
2 years ago
Hello there! I’ve been meaning to bring you some fun new something or other, but my time and attention have been elsewhere. Also, I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to bring to your attention. The...
The No-Win Situation
2 years ago
Hello there, guys and dolls! We’re about to get into a topic I really didn’t want to get into. Or, maybe it’s a topic I thought I’d never have to get into. Either way, here we are, about to discuss va...
Tricorders for All
2 years ago
Look at us! All together again, chatting about things and stuff. Well, one-way chatting. Which is actually less chatting than—What? Oh, ok. Dave says I’m rambling. Today, we’re going to talk about Sta...
Concerning Reality
2 years ago
In 2005, an article regarding the importance of visual input vs auditory input in relation to spatial information gathering came out of Stanford University School of Medicine’s Department of Neurobiol...
Move Your Body
2 years ago
We’ve all heard stories or seen movies or TV shows about the government making super-soldiers with the use of genetic splicing or enhancement drugs or exoskeletons. It’s a subject both troubling—ethic...