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Hi, I'm RJ Writer of Science fiction/Shorts/Flash fiction/True crime/Horror/Children's Lit/6 Cartridge Ink Slinger, Master of 55 word stories. Manchester England


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Keyboard Killer (Chapter Twelve)
2 months ago
Chapter Twelve Tom arrived at Blake's flat, pushing the already ajar door open. Kelly had her pistol trained at 27 as he turned the corner into the living area. He put his hands above his head. Sarah ...
Intergalactic Anomaly
2 months ago
Captain Abromovich breathed heavily, steaming the inside of his helmet as the spacial mist crept closer. The final routine maintenance outside of his interstellar craft was underway before it's re-ent...
The Message (Part Three)
3 months ago
Part Three January 2 2027 For the last six years, our planet's governmental, political and economic structure had collapsed. Climate change brought devastation to all countries across the globe. Chaos...
The Message (Part Two)
4 months ago
2031 One year ago. Anaya had spent most of her life deciphering the missing parts of the message passed down from her grandfather. Some of the edges were burnt, leaving some mathematical holes. But sh...
The Message
5 months ago
Part One On the 5 April 1992, exactly one year after the launch of the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory Astronomy mission, via the Space Shuttle Atlantis, Captain Lewis Labelle sat dumbstruck as he docum...
There Not Here (Part Two)
5 months ago
There, not here. Part two. Jed and Eli's father had told them about the land, before his death. Their father worked at Greswick construction as a surveyor. He had told them that Carl's land sat on a w...