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Hi I'm RJ. Writer of Science fiction/Shorts/Flash fiction/True crime/Horror/ Children's Lit/poetry/6 Cartridge Ink Slinger/Master of 55 word stories.


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The Message
2 years ago
Part One On the 5 April 1992, exactly one year after the launch of the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory Astronomy mission, via the Space Shuttle Atlantis, Captain Lewis Labelle sat dumbstruck as he docum...
There Not Here (Part Two)
2 years ago
There, not here. Part two. Jed and Eli's father had told them about the land, before his death. Their father worked at Greswick construction as a surveyor. He had told them that Carl's land sat on a w...
Keyboard Killer (Chapter Eleven)
2 years ago
Chapter Eleven Sarah fumbled in her handbag for her keys as she got out of her car. Making her way to the front door of the flat, she noticed the door already ajar. "Blake, are you home?" she shouted,...
Keyboard Killer (Chapter Ten)
2 years ago
Chapter Ten "Good morning gentlemen and congratulations, you are the final 20 that have been selected for the C.F.L. program. If you would like to follow me, I'll take you down to the training area. N...
Keyboard Killer (Chapter Nine)
2 years ago
An interactive/reality game of life or death.
Keyboard Killer (Chapter Eight)
2 years ago
Chapter Eight His shoe felt damp, but not damp from sweat, but blood. He had no time to put on his socks, the only shoes that were available to him at that moment were his stiff dinner shoes, his heel...