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Hi I'm RJ. Writer of Science fiction/Shorts/Flash fiction/True crime/Horror/ Children's Lit/poetry/6 Cartridge Ink Slinger/Master of 55 word stories.


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Keyboard Killer (Chapter Seven)
2 years ago
Chapter seven Tossing his baseball cap onto the stairs banister, Blake checked his watch. 12:26 PM. "Sarah!" shouted Blake as he closed his front door behind him. There was no reply. He quickly sat do...
Keyboard Killer (Chapter Six)
2 years ago
Chapter six (Present day.) Tom logged out and closed the lid of his laptop, just as his girlfriend walked through the door. "Did you get my 3 D prints, the structural planning is tomorrow," said Jane ...
Keyboard Killer (Chapter Five)
2 years ago
Chapter Five 'You have reached your destination,' voiced Lexis GPS system, as Dr Henson pulled into the drive of the beach house. Inside, Kelly Henson sat next to receiver 27, brandishing a shotgun fr...
There Not Here
2 years ago
There not here Part one. It had been two weeks since the last visit, he didn't know why they chose him, what he did know was that nobody believed him. It usually arrived around midnight, waking him fr...
Keyboard Killer (Chapter Four)
2 years ago
An interactive/reality game of life or death.
Keyboard Killer (Chapter 3)
2 years ago
Chapter Three Blake provided the answers to the five questions that were required to evaluate his eligibility for C.F.L. He hovered his cursor over the submit button and clicked. The page read 'EVALUA...