RJ Saxon

Hi I'm RJ. Writer of Science fiction/Shorts/Flash fiction/True crime/Horror/ Children's Lit/poetry/6 Cartridge Ink Slinger/Master of 55 word stories.


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Keyboard Killer (Chapter 2)
2 years ago
An interactive/reality game of life or death.
Keyboard Killer
2 years ago
Keyboard Killer Chapter 1 "Damn it." Raged Blake, as he saw the '404 page missing' prompt again. He typed into the search bar once more, this time with THE CAPS LOCK ON. His friend Tom had told him ab...
2 years ago
STREAMERS A sweltering hot July, to the west of 'Groom Lake Nevada.' At the Buring science and technology facility. Dr Allen Buring turned the dial to One thousand Electrorays. Three hundred more than...
A Slip In Time
2 years ago
He awoke once again 7.59am. One minute before his alarm clock sounded. His own body clock woke him up once more. Switching the alarm before it sounded, he stretched yawned and threw back the covers fr...