Rod Christiansen

I am writer intrigued by all genres of science fiction, especially AI and self-aware machines. You can read my stories and musings at 

2 years ago
Phaedra had logged in. She found herself in a bland white virtual reality room. For her online avatar, Phaedra had chosen a slim black haired ebony skinned woman, beautiful and alluring. She rather li...
2 years ago
I can't remember a time when I was not this way; I only know there was one. Something happened. Thirteen Earth days, twelve hours fourteen minutes, and twelve seconds ago. Something catastrophic took ...
The Artist
2 years ago
Her eyelids blinked as light poured in through her optical sensors. As part of her startup sequence, she analyzed her internal system functions. Her initialization confirmed that she was operating wit...
The Limits
2 years ago
"I don't know how much longer I can take this." Elisa would have muttered those words only to herself were it not for her virtual buddy, Peter. Peter was her tag along. Everywhere she went, she made s...