Ryan Epps

A cosmic adventurer rendering wayward letters into infinite lengths of conception and prose, like quantum streams of pneumatic information

What Is the Difference Between Science Fiction and Science Fantasy?
a year ago
You know Superman, right? He's probably one of the most well-known forms of science fiction fantasy, but he's not the only one. All superheroes, in their own right, are more fantastical than they are ...
Starborn: A Kuri Origin Story
a year ago
A draft wafts through the open Build Room window, shivering the dusty curtain and slightly revealing half of a medium-sized piece of machinery hidden in the dimly lit corners of the room. Near and wit...
Best Star Wars Fan Theories
a year ago
Let's talk about Star Wars. All of us tend to draw up our own theory or idea on how a certain event should or should not have taken place in a movie. When it comes to Star Wars and its seemingly unend...
Reasons Why the Jedi are the Villains in Star Wars
a year ago
What was the point of Star Wars: The Last Jedi? *Spoiler Alert* Not only to end the Jedi Order, but to completely erase their being from the galaxy. Ignoring that fact, those Force wielding so-called ...
Daniel Abella Explores the Cerebral "What If" of Science Fiction
a year ago
The legendary Philip K. Dick authored 44 published books and over 150 short stories. Over the generations, sci-fi minds have repurposed Dick's stage of the strange and otherworldly when writing, filmi...
Expect More than the Unexpected at the 2018 Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival
a year ago
It's almost—no, could it be? A dimension as vast as space and infinite as timelessness. It's the only known setting that actually beckons randomized oddities, without a single isotope of negative cyni...