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A cosmic adventurer rendering wayward letters into infinite lengths of conception and prose, like quantum streams of pneumatic information

Best Star Wars Quotes That Are Always Relevant
a year ago
Whether you're a fan from as early on as 1977, only recently hopped on the bandwagon as of The Last Jedi, or was among the few who found awe in the prequels, Star Wars has given us some of the most powerful and meaningful phrases in sci-fi, and possibly even cinema. Some of them are instances of well-timed and -crafted dialogue, others simply characteristic remarks that make the story that much more pleasing, and even fewer are imbedded strands of a starway-long plot line that still expands to t...
Best Star Wars Video Games of All Time
a year ago
While the films and lore often obtain the most excitement for the series, many of the best Star Wars video games are much darker, violent, and showcase the infinite prowess that makes the Force so int...
Old Sci-Fi Movies Everyone Should Watch
a year ago
Let's face it, almost 8 percent of movies nowadays are pretty bad, or don't hold a candle up to the works provided by some of the greatest filmmakers: Stanley Kubrick, Fritz Lang, Steven Spielberg, or...
Most Terrifying Seasons of Science Fiction TV Shows
a year ago
Now that Thrones is gone, many of us have to turn toward other shows for that same gore and violence. While Stephen King's IT kills it in the box office, there isn't much to be had in the case of horr...
Best Jules Verne Books
a year ago
A French author born in 1828, Jules Verne was a pioneer of the science fiction and fantasy genres. In fact, there are many who title him, next to H.G. Wells, as the "Father of Science Fiction," an imp...