Sapphire Ravenclaw

I am a freelance writer as well as a private tutor, carer, and mother of two. I enjoy writing poetry and articles. Currently, much of my spare time is spent working on a book about Paganism (one of the many subjects which interests me).

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Hindu Gods
7 months ago
There are many Hindu gods and goddesses and each individual, or family, will choose which particular gods or goddesses they wish, or need, to worship. Each god or goddess may be worshipped continuousl...
Catholic Saints Feast Days - August
9 months ago
In the Christian calendar, there is a Saint's Feast Day every day. In August, there are several Saints celebrated on each day. For example, there are four different Saints whose Feast day is celebrate...
Charlemagne and the Witches
a year ago
Research into the history of witchcraft shows that it is varied in both practice and opinion. For centuries, witches lived peacefully and would be called upon as healers. During the early days of Cath...